The Broken Crowns began...

...with a song, a commission for the titles of a documentary film. John Schmitt, Lissa Farquhar, and Aaron Mirman had co-written in pairs, but this was the first time the three would all create music together; they clicked immediately, so they continued to write together after that initial success, and soon their repertoire grew.

They started playing live shows as The Broken Crowns, and before long they were drawing crowds at notable venues: The Bowery Electric as part of CMJ; an artist spotlight performance at Google’s Creative Labs; The Bitter End, for the NY Songwriters Circle; and headlining the opening night of NYC’s Union Square summer concert series.

In April 2016 they released their debut EP, a folk-tinged yet thoroughly modern debut that is by turns nostalgic, energetic, pensive, and playful. Now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, and other digital music stores.